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About this Side Project

Apparently in Israel the subject of clean energy has not been developed as much as in other places, however if we look at the venerable ×´dud shemesh×´ it turns out that it accounts for 3-4% of the energy consumption in Israel. Accounting for the electricity generation this translates into ~7% of fossil fuel consumption. It is time to make some improvements to this technology and deploy some connectivity and smart sensing. Using the fact that it is already widely deployed, even improving the efficiency by 1% will lead to immediate savings in energy consumption. Once I have a baseline system it will be possible to add some connectivity devices to it. The next step is then to deploy the system with these new features, and obtain approval from the Israel Standards Institute. The baseline solar collector system will provide some auxiliary (1-5mW) power, which the developers can use in an Arduino style micro-controller for sending messages. - Would be nice to get help to bring up the web site - Designing a logo. - Several embedded developers can join to write applications on Arduino sending telemetry messages and receiving emergency reports, for example. - A visual user interface needs to be developed to display the information broadcast to an application or display.
David Fleischer
September 18, 2019
In Development